4 Powerful Strategies To Get Your New Blog Post Buzzing With Activity

Blogging has emerged as a potent and highly interactive marketing tool. It is certainly one of the best available ways to drive traffic to a website. By updating your blog regularly with great content, you not just provide useful resources to potential visitors, but you also publish more pages for the search engines to index. This is not all; high quality content also generates more incoming links, increases the customer base, and strengthens your brand.

However, the problem with blogs is that it is hard to garner enough visitors, at least at the onset. Even after you have spent hours putting together a great post, and you know that readers are going to love it, it could be difficult to actually inform people and get them to read the post. The reality is that promoting a blog and driving traffic to it as important as blogging itself. So, here are a few things that you can do a day before posting to drive traffic to your blog.

Get Some Niche Influencers to Share Your Post

The simplest way to promote your blog for free is blogger outreach. The idea is to have others blogger, particularly the ones who are an authority in the niche to talk about your new blog post. You can probably write a few teaser articles, and have the influencers reference them in their blog or social media posts. They can put your posts before the people who actually matter in the industry and help circulate it widely.

Facebook “Boost Post”

It is an amazing feature offered by Facebook that allows your post to appear higher in News Feed, which means, there is a better chance that your audience will see and read it. Facebook charges a fee for this service based on the number of persons you want to reach out to. This allows you to keep a tab on your budget, and at the same time ensure a higher visibility for your blog post.

To boost a post, all you need to do is go to the post that you have created, and click on the “Boost Post” button. You will be asked to choose your audience and how long you want the post to run, and once you have pressed the “Boost” button your post would be visible to your selected audience, higher up in the News feed.

Facebook Boost Post
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Tweet, and Request Retweets

With a whopping 288 million active users, Twitter is the place to be if you want new readers for your blog. If you are proactive ad creative in your use of Twitter, then you can surely bring in tons of traffic to your new blog. This means, by simply tweeting your blog post’s title you cannot expect much of a miracle. Instead, you need to use some smart tactics to actually get the buzz going.

Use short, but provocative tweets, add an interesting quote from the post itself,   use hashtags#, statistics and images, and above all, ask for a retweet. This is important, because Tweets with a call to action get 12-23 percent higher shares.

Use Coschedule to Create a “Social Queue”

Sending out unplanned and untimely social media posts will do no good to you or your blog. Proper social media scheduling is an important part of promoting a blog. With Coschedule, you can create a social queue, and predefine as to which social media post will be sent out when.

Coschedule social queue
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Image Courtesy: Coschedule

Simply speaking, it is an all-in-one tool that lets you create a steady stream of messages that are sent out on various social media platforms at the time defined by you. It is important that you create this queue before you actually post the blog, so that it gets to work even before the post is up there.

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