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Aubrey J.
Beauty Writer

Made up of 10% coffee, 20% skincare routine, and 70% dry shampoo. Stays buried in her keyboard creating beauty content all day, but puts on a full face of makeup to do it.

Hannah E.
Health & Fitness Writer

Recently took up meditation as a hobby, but can't stop thinking about clients long enough to focus on breathing. Not very zen, but extremely conscientious.

Levi J.
Sports Writer

Has never turned down a pick-up basketball game, but loses fantasy football every year. Might someday realize he's a better writer than an athlete.

Grayson P.
Project Delivery Manager

He has never been to a doctor's appointment or a date. Frequently has nightmares about missing a plane, even though it will never happen.

Kiara L.
Project Delivery Specialist

Believes that punctuality is next to godliness, has never missed a deadline. Times pizza deliveries every time she orders (which is very, very often)

Luke D.
Technology Writer

The life of the party as long as the party is over by 10 so he can start dreaming about all of the tech projects he gets to work on the next morning. Might be an undercover silicon valley executive, jury's still out.

Paisley R.
PR Writer

Pays for a yearly membership to every museum in the metropolitan area despite having memorized the installations. Finds government fascinating, but never leaves time between projects to read the news.

John J.
Senior Content Editor

Voracious reader, feels personally offended by spelling errors. Won't say definitely that he has never read the dictionary for fun.

Joshua A.
Legal Writer

Student body president four years in a row, member of the model U.N., can't stop reminding friends to vote. A champion of righteous causes, and an outspoken fan of breakfast for dinner.

Dylan G.
Travel Writer

Recently purchased a surfboard because it was on sale, knows the floor plan of every major airport in the U.S., can pack a suitcase in under 5 minutes. Possible a little crazy, definitely crazy good at producing travel content

Nathan R.
Real Estate Tech Writer

Serial mover who collects old addresses like some people collect postcards. Has strong opinions about the best neighborhood in Austin, and speaks passionately about the virtues of a nomadic lifestyle.

Finance Writer
Zoey M.

She had a savings account since age 5, and a credit score that's basically off the charts. Friends are sick of the financial tips, so writing about them is a good alternative.

Wyatt J.
B2B Copywriter

The kid who wore a suit to high school, but has a better sense of humor for it now. Still loves the intricacies of the business world, but no longer wears a suit every day.

Hazel E.
Senior Creative Writer

An only child who craves attention and gets it by creating unbelievable content. Avoids using "very" and "quite," but secretly loves a good cliche.

Adam G.
Gardening Writer

Spends as much time caring for the lawn as a typical dad, but has no children. Prefers to do the digging, but loves to write about gardening when that's not an option.

James D.
Content Ideation Expert

Frequently makes friends with people in line; understands how to connect with any demographic. Still can't stop thinking about the time he embarrassed himself in middle school.

Easton G.
Mid-Level Strategist

Finds developing strategies to meet goals more exciting than the goals themselves. Always writes a detailed itinerary for weekends away with friends.

Sawyer E.
Sports & Fitness Writer

Considers pumping iron a second job (even though no one is paying for it). Loves to write more than anything, but beating personal lifting records is a really close second.

Michael K.
Technology and Gaming Writer

Ends a day of writing behind a computer screen with hours of gaming behind a different computer screen. Not sure what day it is, but can still churn out a clever metaphor.

Kaylee S.
Creative Blog Writer

Started reading chapter books in kindergarten, and has won fiver spelling bees. Knows she's an amazing creative writer but likes to play humble.

Autumn W.
Fashion Writer

Has a full walk-in closet, but somehow never has anything to wear. Loves a good denim jacket, can't stop talking about Fashion Week.

Skylar D
Senior Creative Writer

Always secretly hoping someone will strike up a debate about literature of art. Will show you her latest watercolors if you show the slightest interest.

Asher F
Junior Strategist

Draws mazes for fun because solving them is too simple. Developed an innate ability to problem solve after getting lost in the grocery store as a child.

Aubrey I.
Editor in Chief

Big picture thinker with an eye for detail. Can spot a single word that doesn't work in an entire piece of content, but can't remember whether or not she turned off the curling iron.

Zoe S.
Digital Marketing Writer

Will pause any conversation to tweet the funny thing she just said. Loves writing digital marketing content as an excuse to indulge her Internet Addiction.

Isaac R.
Engineering Writer

Can explain how semiconductors work to a five-year-old, but can't figure out the public transport system. Total bookworm with sharp writing chops, just missing the street smarts.

Grace B
Multi-Niche Copywriter

Could sell the wood to a lumberjack (seriously, we've seen it). Spins words like she was born in a hamster wheel.

Owen J
Food Writer

Worked at a restaurant in college, now a self-described "foodie." A lover of the finer things in life, but also of a good hot wing special.

Luna G.
Fashion & Entertainment Writer

Wants to talk about the Game of Thrones finale and Kanye's new album. No one argues with her opinions because they're too well-written to poke holes in.

Simon R.
Business Writer

Churns out stellar work in record time, but is in serious need of a haircut. Once held the top spot on multiple leaderboards at a local trade.

Aidan A
Healthcare Writer

Thinks every chest cold is a life-threatening illness, but stays up to date on the latest healthcare news because of it. Considers his doctor to be one of his closest friends.

Jacob E.
Automotive Writer

Currently restoring a classic car, but doesn't like to brag about it. Baffled by the fact that some people don't know how to change their car's engine oil.

Content Strategist
Content Editor

Doesn't love the label "control freak," but also doesn't take offense to it. Not afraid to put in as much time as it takes to make a project perfect.

Courtney R
Content Strategist

Thinks she may have been Sacagawea in a past life. Can always see a clear path through any challenge, but puts off going to the laundromat for weeks at a time. 

Lucas H.
Delivery Manager

Multitasks like nobody's business, and juggles projects better than any circus clown. Often walks to the kitchen, but can't remember why.

Charlotte O.
Lifestyle Writer

Amateur interior designer that can't resist a bold pattern. Thinks a lot about redecorating the apartment, but usually just writes about it instead.

Henry R.
Senior Editor

Loves a good em dash, will argue to the death in favor of an Oxford Comma. Prefers the adjectives "spirited" or "diligent" over "uptight." One heck of an editor.

Noah W.
Technology Writer

Fascinated by the digital world, skilled at writing content that helps make sense of it. Reminisces frequently about a time when VCRs were not obsolete and keeps a stash of VHS tapes.

Liam N
Green Living Writer

Environmentally conscious, total workaholic. Spends way too much time speaking kindly to house plants in hopes that it will help them grow faster.

Jaden H.
Finance Writer

May, or may not choose to sleep on any given night. Finds everything derivative; always knows the status of his investment portfolio.

Jason R.
Travel & Lifestyle Writer

Has traveled to six out of seven continents, and plans to check Antarctica off the list in the next five years. Loves to write about far off places; sometimes doesn't leave the couch all weekend.

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