Round Solutions

Round Solutions is a disruptive IIot (Industrial Internet of Things) company that believes in a truly connected world. They build and sell innovative IoT solutions for a better tomorrow.

Round Solutions
Their Needs, Key Objectives, and Motivation to Work With RightlyWritten

How Did the Story Unfold

Round Solutions is a disruptive IoT company based in Neu - Isenburg, outside of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Their primary goal has always been to create a better, more connected world than ever before, and attain synergy effects in the field of wireless technology.
They quickly realized that building complex IoT technology solutions is one thing, but to explain it in a layman's terms is a whole another story. They wanted to create easy to understand, but most importantly, factual content at scale to dominate the industry, and freelance marketplaces were not an ideal solution due to the logistical nightmare of working with and managing a team of freelance writers scattered across different time zones.
They needed a partner that can be more like an extension of their team and can help them explain complex ideas into easy to understand prose.

Our Unique Approach to Making it All Happen

How We Took The Reins

RightlyWritten not only provided them with an ability to fly through content production cycles with a frictionless, clean and intuitive content ordering process, but the entire approach to creating technical content, while also translating tech jargons into easily comprehendible prose involved more than just basic research and few taps on the keyboard.
Our expert tier of copywriters took the time to understand their industry, their products, and solutions, their unique selling propositions, got the clarifications when needed, via our dashboard's unique client messaging system, before taking a stab at the first draft.

The Results of This Engagement

A Glorious Victory

Did we hit a home run with this? We definitely think so, since there has been no looking back ever since they first engaged with us. Our team of writers and editors have always delivered factual, well-researched, and search engine optimized content while also giving them an ability to request revisions in just one click.
We see this collaboration to continue in the years to come and we can't wait to see what other innovative products and solutions will Rould Solutions cook up with the ever evolving IoT technology.

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Here at Round Solutions, it's all about technology... for example The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. RigtlyWritten helps us tremendously to communicate our ideas so that non-technical people can also understand our products and services allowing us to get our information directly into the hearts and minds of the all-important decision-makers

Dominik Weglehner
Wireless Technology Genius at Round Solutions

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