Client and Registered User FAQs


Yes, by signing up and creating an account you are able to access certain features that will allow you to easily order content, check status on your orders, upload and download files, communicate with the Rightlywritten staff, and do more.

There are two ways to create an account.

  1. You may start your order HERE and if you are not already a registered user, you will be asked to enter your name and email ID on step three of ordering process. and once you enter those details and proceed to step four, your account will automatically be created and your user details will be emailed to you.

You may directly register your client account HERE without placing an order.

You may login to your account by clicking on the Login menu item from the top navigation. Alternatively Click here to login

Yes, you may read our terms and conditions here and privacy policy here

From the login screen, click on the forget password button. You will be prompted to enter the e-mail address associated with the account, and where your password information will be sent. In some instances you may be asked for additional identifying information in order to confirm the request is coming from you.

Yes, you may request us to do so in writing by logging into your dashboard.


Writer Related FAQ’s


We have an enormous talent pool of copywriters each with special writing skills working in different niches and creating types of content. We carefully review your needs and then match them with the writer who has expertise in your area of interest as well as the writing style you are looking for.

Yes, if you have become accustomed to one particular writer’s style, you may request your editor / account manager that they continue to assign all your future projects to that particular writer. Do understand that this may add time to the projected turnaround time if that writer is currently working on another project. If you are placing a rushed order, there is a chance that we may have to assign it someone else. If so, you will be notified beforehand.

Unlike other content writing marketplaces, Rightlywritten has it’s own team of inhouse copywriters who are rigorously tested through several steps in the application process and this means that we do not allow direct contact between clients and writers.

With that said, it is important to note that Rightlywritten has a hiring rate of just 16% of total writing applications made, which means out of every 100 applications we receive, we hire 16 writers on an average and this is because of extremely high standards that we have here when it comes to getting exceptional talent onboard.

Copywriters are required to submit their existing writing samples along with links to their published work and their CV before being considered for hire by RightlyWritten. They are then given test assignments and upon satisfactory completion, they are hired initially on a trial basis to assess their ability to work with a variety of clients and with tight deadlines. Assessments are then conducted periodically to ensure that the quality of each writer remains consistent.

Yes, we periodically conduct several training sessions every quarter and then there are special training sessions for new hires to acquaint them with copywriting best practices and search engine optimized writing and each of our writers understand and are able to follow instructions related to SEO. In addition, our skilled editors will also review submitted work to ensure that it meets your own SEO guidelines.


Content Related FAQ’s


Yes, as a part of our writing service, we use copyscape premium to ensure all the content submitted by our copywriters is 100% original.

In most of the cases this won’t be necessary, but if required, we can provide a copy.

Yes, we have editors on staff who will read over the content submitted by a writer and make any necessary corrections before releasing it to you.

Once you accept and pay for your order, all copyrights are passed to you by assumption.

Yes you may request your content to be image enabled.  You will have an option to include a free image in your ordering process.

Yes we can do that, however please ensure to mention this in step 2 of your ordering process if you do need outbound links in your content.


Order Related FAQ’s


There are two ways you can place an order.  Placing an order while logged in and even when logged out of your dashboard.  Here’s how you can do it.

Placing an order while logged out (Applicable to even non registered users)

  1. Click on “Order Your Content” item in top navigation or “Order Your Content” button that you see on header image.
  2. Choose the type of content you need
  3. Fill in your order details ( you can be as detailed as you want here)
  4. If you are an existing user, you may enter your login details here, if you are a new user, you may enter your name and email ID and your account will automatically be created.
  5. Review and Complete Checkout
  6. Congratulations, your project has been created and you may view it in your dashboard

Placing an order while logged in

  1. Click on “Order New Content” option after logging in.
  2. Choose the type of content you need
  3. Fill in your order details ( you can be as detailed as you want here)
  4. Attach a File if you want.
  5. Review and Complete Checkout
  6. Congratulations, your project has been created and you may view it in your dashboard

In most cases you can expect a RightlyWritten copywriter to begin working on your order within a few hours of receipt. The only exception to this is if there is clarification needed by you in order to be able to complete the order. In that case, your account manager or a RightlyWritten editor will contact you for further details, and the order will not be started until we hear back from you.

Projects are automatically labelled as queued when a payment is completed and your project is ready to be assigned to your copywriter.

Yes you may. After the project has been marked as delivered, you have 3 days to review content and request for any changes if necessary. However, please note that our revision policy covers the revision requests for style and tone adjustment of the content and not for complete rewrites. With that said, even if your revision request is not under the scope of our revision request policy, it will still be reviewed by our quality assurance team and the decision will be made accordingly.

Yes you may. In step 2 of the ordering process when placing an order from outside your dashboard and in step 3 of the ordering process when placing an order from inside your dashboard, you will have the ability to attach files and links can be added too.

In fact, we request you to be as detailed as possible with your instructions to help us understand and deliver your order accordingly.


Monthly Blog Package FAQ’s


Our Monthly Blog Packages are one of our hottest products since launch.  You may signup for our monthly blog package by agreeing to pay a recurring fee each month for x number of blog posts of x length each month.  By signing up for our monthly blog package, you can put your website blog on autopilot and keep your blog active and buzzing with activity with high quality blog posts posted every single week. It takes care of everything from creation of content to posting that content and can be customized to your needs.

For pre defined packages the default word count for each post is 500 words, however if you choose to build your own custom package, you have the flexibility of choosing number of blogs delivered each month and their lengths.

Absolutely. You can always place your one time orders on ad hoc basis as the need arises even if you are an existing Monthly Blog Post customer.

Posts under monthly blog packages are posted in your blog ( if you allow us to) and the files are even available for download in project files section of your project screen.

Yes you may cancel your subscription anytime, however please note that the cancellation will take effect from the following month. So for instance you were charged for a monthly blog package one week back, you will still receive the content for that specific month and the subscription will be cancelled from the next month and you won’t be charged.


Receiving Ordered Content FAQ’s


Once your order has been completed, your project status will be marked as delivered and an automated email will be sent to you from your dashboard.

All your deliverables for your project will be available for download in project files section of your project screen.

Once your project has been marked as delivered, you have 3 days to either accept the deliverables or request a revision. If you would like to request a revision, please click “As of Revision” button that appears on your project screen and provide a reason for revision request and click submit.  Once done your project will be marked in “Revision Requested” status.

Only under extreme circumstances will we offer to re-write content. This would include a gross error on our part. If mistakes were made due to unclear or erroneous project details, you will be charged the normal rate for having the article or other content re-written.

Our writers will try their very best to meet your desired word count, but will not compromise quality in order to do so. We strive to be 50 words or less above or below your requested word count while keeping the quality of content high.

If the word count falls below your request by 50 words or less, there will be no discount on the content. Conversely, if the word counts goes above 50 or less words, we are not going to charge you extra.

You may approve and accept the deliverables by clicking “Review and Accept” button on your project screen after the project has been marked as delivered.  You will have 3 days to do so and if no input is provided by you, the system will automatically mark the project as completed after 3 days.

For future reference, we will retain copies of project details and completed content for one full year after it has been completed.

No, once you have accepted and paid for the content, it belongs solely to you.


Payment Related FAQ’s


When placing an order with you must finish the checkout process and make payments before your order can be queued for creating content.

If you went all the way until step 4 and clicked pay now button in the last step but did not finish checkout, your project was created in your dashboard with awaiting payment status.  You may login to your dashboard and make payments for that project rather than creating an order all over again.  However, if you did not go until step 4 and did not click pay now button, you will need to create the order again.

For security reasons, RightlyWritten does not keep any credit card or other payment information stored in our database.

No, you are not required to pay any retainer deposit for future orders.  You can make the payments at the time of ordering.

Payments for monthly blog packages are automatically deducted each month on a specific date on recurring basis.  So if for instance you signed up for a monthly blog package on 20th of January, you will be automatically charged on 20th of each month on recurring basis.

As a general rule, we do not offer refunds for work that has already been submitted. Under extreme circumstances we will work with clients on a case by case basis.

No, we do not offer refunds for project that have already been started, you may however ask for a refund while the project is in queued status.

Yes, we take every possible precaution in order to ensure that your payment information is protected as it is processed through our site.


Special Services


Absolutely. You may choose the option of allowing us to post the content on your blog on your behalf while ordering.  Furthermore, our Monthly Blogging Packages include the posting service by default at no additional cost.

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