Government & Non-Profit Content Writing

Do you need to get people informed and take action about various issues? Then you’re going to need some pretty persuasive content that can educate and inspire. It’s really an art, but one that we’ve long mastered.

Content That Goes to Work for You

So You Can Work for The Causes You Believe In

Working for a government or non-profit entity can feel like a thankless job, but you didn't enter this sector for the praise anyway. The only real goal of this industry is to educate, influence, and affect change - so how can you achieve that? It might seem shockingly simple, but words are the single most effective way to create buzz around your cause.

Not all words are created equal, though. You can't simply write a factual blog without zealous language, or churn out bland social media posts that don't inspire any fire. Fortunately, we know how to communicate that excitement you feel with the rest of the world in a way that will excite them, too.

Fighting The Good Fight with Words

A Team of Writers That Cares as Much as You Do

Outsourcing content creation for your government or non-profit content writing is a great step toward visibility, but what happens if you bank on the wrong collaborators? With us, you’ll never wonder whether we lack drive. We adopt your passion as our own, and use that energy in our four-fold approach to unparalleled content creation.

  • Incisive Writers

  • Persuasive Content

  • Editorial Guidance

  • Fast-Paced Turnaround

Working for The Greater Good

Impassioned Content to Sway Hearts and Minds

  • Writers with A Knack for Persuasion

    It takes more than a strong command of the English language to create content for Government and Non-Profit niche. The talented team of niche government and non-profit content writers we put to work in this industry know how to wield their skills in a way that’s convincing without being pushy.

  • Content That Educates and Inspires

    Generally speaking, if you work for a government body or non-profit, your cause is a valiant one. That means that much of our work is in effectively conveying the values of your efforts and the public will surely be won over in due time.

  • Crafted to Meet Your Needs

    Whether you want to order hundreds of pieces of content for whitepapers, or websites on a recurring basis or simply want to try us out with a few projects, we’ll pour our energy into creating work that aligns with your voice and meets your needs.

  • High Editorial Standards

    We know that there’s no margin for error when it comes to your line of work—sloppy content is almost worse than no content at all. Our editors don’t let errors slip through the cracks, so you can be sure that every piece of content we deliver has been checked, and then checked again.

  • Constant Attention to Your Goals

    When you instruct us as to what you want to accomplish with a piece of content, we keep that goal in mind throughout the entire writing process. We complete research, construct outlines, and choose every word with these goals at heart.