How to Produce Great Content: 7 Powerful Tactics You Can Implement Today

Consider if this sounds familiar to you: you sit in front of a blank page trying to craft the perfect headline for your latest blog post. After what seems an eternity, you begin to actually write the post. You write a sentence only to delete it midway because it didn’t sound perfect. You edit every paragraph as you go along, reading it a couple of times before continuing. Of course, you make very little progress and end up frustrated with the process of trying to write that awesome content for your next post.

Wouldn’t it help to have a system in place?

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10 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website in Less Than 15 Seconds (And How to Fix It)

How long do visitors stay on your website before clicking away? What makes them leave so quickly? And what can you do about it?

According to recent data by Charbeat, more than half of the people who visit a website will spend less than 15 seconds before clicking away.

After looking at a random sample of 2 billion page views generated by over a half a million articles on 2.000 sites, Charbeat discovered that most of the people who click on a page, don’t read. In fact, says Charbeat’s CEO Tony Haile, 55% of them spend less than 15 seconds actively on a page. To put this into perspective, for every 300 people who land on a page, about 165 of them will bounce.

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5 Ways Psychology Affects Interactive Content Marketing

When was the last time you felt like your audience was truly engaged in your content?

If you can’t remember, you might be missing out. New trends in the fluid, two-way flow of information may be leaving you out of the conversation. Interactive content marketing is about connecting, communicating, and comprehending.

Consumers want to be part of the conversation and online interactive marketing facilitates this communication. How effective is this collaboration?

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9 Questions That Will Transform Your Content Strategy And Your Business

So, you decided that blogging for business is the best way to drive traffic to your company’s website. What do you do next?

Most people jump right in. They buy a domain, choose a color scheme, come up with a few content ideas and start writing content or hire a professional content writing service to do that. All these before taking a second to really think about what they want to achieve.

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9 Hacks All Educators Know That You Don’t About Content Marketing and The Brain

All Educators know how to hack the brain. You should, too!

Your brain is a complicated system of integrated coordination for involuntary and voluntary physical reactions, and it’s responsible for learning, emotions and memory. The brain hates boredom, benefits from physical exercise, works well with naps, and falls to pieces during stress.

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6 Ways You And Your Readers Use Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence, and why should you even care?

Emotional intelligence, also known as EI or EQ, is the ability of the individual to regulate emotions in order to distinguish, identify, and control behavior impulses. Your Emotional Quotient (EQ) is similar to your Intelligence Quotient (IQ). While the IQ measures human intelligence, the EQ measures Emotional Intelligence.

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7 Things Epic Disasters Teach Bloggers About Producing Quality Content That Converts

Flood, earthquake, wildfire, tornado, cyber attack. The wake of recent catastrophes around the globe may leave you wondering, was there even a way to prepare for this? Not every epic disaster is about the impending apocalypse, and not all mishaps are widespread. There are plenty lesser disasters and calamities that can throw you off kilter or wipe out your progress, like a colossal flood or even discovering you spilled the last of your coffee.

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How To Use Personas To Create A Powerful Content Strategy?

Content marketing alone cannot deliver organic traffic unless it is employed strategically. However, most businesses fail to create a refined content strategy that can achieve the desired results in terms of organic traffic. In this post, we will tell you how you can devise an effective content strategy based on personas that represent your best targets.

We strongly believe that every piece of content that you write should be targeted first towards the personas and then towards the search engines.

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Aligning Content With Buying Cycle Stages: A Quick How-To Guide

Statistics reveal that over 70% of the buyers use search engines at the beginning of their purchase process. Of these searchers, most have the intent to buy, but only a few are qualified (less than 50%). It has also been shown that lead nurturing by way of content marketing can generate 4-10 times higher response rate compared to e-mail marketing.

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4 Powerful Strategies To Get Your New Blog Post Buzzing With Activity

Blogging has emerged as a potent and highly interactive marketing tool. It is certainly one of the best available ways to drive traffic to a website. By updating your blog regularly with great content, you not just provide useful resources to potential visitors, but you also publish more pages for the search engines to index. This is not all; high quality content also generates more incoming links, increases the customer base, and strengthens your brand.

However, the problem with blogs is that it is hard to garner enough visitors, at least at the onset. Even after you have spent hours putting together a great post, and you know that readers are going to love it, it could be difficult to actually inform people and get them to read the post. The reality is that promoting a blog and driving traffic to it as important as blogging itself. So, here are a few things that you can do a day before posting to drive traffic to your blog.

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